UCD, URO2, V2, CH Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai CA, CDI, CGN, CRNT, CRNMCL, HIC, RE, DDX, TT

Pedigree  Certificates

Scotia is earns her CD title with a score of 190 and High in Trial, September 2014 at the CKOC show. Kristi and Scotia follow up with a 196.5 the following day with another High in Trial and a run-off plus they pick up their first leg towards their Rally Excellent title!!!

Scotia is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch at the RCC Nationals, August 2014.

Scotia's champtionship photo from Spruce Meadows, AKC show, August 2014, were she was awarded WB/BOW as well as earning her Rally Novice title with scores of 95, 92, 97 and High in Class!

Scotia earns her Rally Novice at the CKOC show with scores of 98, 94, 100 and High in Class!

Scotia goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners at the conformation show and then wins High in Class in Novice B at the Red Deer show November 2013.

Scotia earns her Draft Dog title at the NACA trial June 2013. Scotia is the first tailed Rottweiler to earn this title.

Scotia is shown to the left winning Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite at Saturdays show and to the right Winners Bitch, Best of Winners , Best of Opposite on Sunday at the Red Deer show in Alberta November 2012.