Eirian Puppies

On this page you will find the links to each of the puppies we've produced or co-produced including their pictures, pedigrees and information on the Sire and Dam of each breeding.

Hover over the name of any of the dogs listed, if the name turns green, click on it and you will be directed to their page.


Irish Litter
'Annie x Regal'
Eirian's Ballykeel Kaynoble  
Eirian's Cushendun Kaynoble  
Eirian's Guinness Kaynoble  
Eirian's Irish Jig Kaynoble  
Eirian's Molly Malone Kaynoble  
Eirian's Pot of Gold HIC  
Eirian's Quin Abbey Kaynoble  
Sports Litter
'Annie x Gonzzo'
Eirian's Flyball Kaynoble  
Multi BTISS, BCBISS, BBEISS, BISs, CKC Ptd Eirian's Halfpipe Ally Oop CGN, HIC, TT  
SG4 Eirian's Home Run Kaynoble HIC  
Eirian's Slapshot Kaynoble  
Eirian's The Great One  
Eirian's The Maradona Kaynoble  
VV3 Kaynoble's Tail N Tomorrow  
Whiskey Litter Eirian's Burberry  
Eirian's Dalwhinnie  
Eirian's Gentlemen Jack  
Eirian's Highland Queen  
Eirian's Johnnie Walker Blue  
Eirian's King's Legend  
Eirian's Tullamore Dew  
Eirian's King's Legend  
C Litter
'Annie x Ramzes'
VP4 Eirian's Cabaret Showgirl HIC  
V1, Multi V2 Eirian's Can't Touch This CACS, CGN, HIC, TT  
Eirian's Capture My Heart  
Eirian's Catch Me If You Can HIC  
SG Eirian's Cause For Applause CGN, HIC  
Eirian's Charged And Ready  
Multi V1, UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH, Can CH Eirian's Creative Energy HIC, TT  
D Litter
'Annie x Drog'
Multi V1, UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH, Am/Can CH Eirian's Dance And Singh  
CKC Ptd Eirian's Dare To Compare  
Eirian's Designer Genes  
Eirian's Destined For Greatness CGN, HIC  
BPIG, CH Eirian's Devil In Disguise  
Eirian's Double Trouble  
E Litter
'Brava x Benno'
VSP2 CH Eirian's Eat My Dust CGN  
Eirian's Eat Your Heart Out  
Eirian's Eh I'm Canadian  
VSP1 CKC Ptd Eirian's Elegance In Motion CGN, HIC  
Eirian's Etched In Gold  
Eirian's Eternal Energy  
Eirian's Everyone's Hero  
Eirian's Exceeding Excellence  
F Litter
'Stacey x Jake'
P3 CH Eirian's Family Tradition  
UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH Eirian's Feel The Power HIC  
Eirian's Final Destination  
Eirian's Fit For A King  
Eirian's First Class Jem CGN, HIC  
VP2, '10 RCC Nat'l BOSS, BPIS, Multi BPIG, UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH, Select 1 Can CH Eirian's Flawless Beauty CGN, HIC  
Multi V1, '13 RKNA Sieger, '10 RCC Youth Sieger, '10 RCC Nat'l BOSs, UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH, Can GCH Eirian's Force 2B Reckoned With AD, BH, CD, CGN, HIC, RN, TT  
Eirian's Full Of Beans  
Eirian's Funny Money  
G Litter
'Brava x Jimmy'
Eirian's Glamour Girl  
Eirian's Go For The Gusto  
Eirian's Gold Medal Ribbon  
Eirian's Got My Game On  
Eirian's Guns A Blazin  
H Litter
'Brava x Timo'
V2, CH Eirians Hellava Ride To Akamai CD, CGN, DDX, HIC, RE, TT  
Eirian's High Flyer  
I Litter
'Brava x Jake'
Multi BPIG, CH Eirian's I Am Legend CGN  
Eirian's I Believe In Miracles BH  
Am/Can CH Eirian's In It To Win It BH, CGN, HIC  
Eirian's It Runs In The Family  
J Litter
'Sophia x Jimmy'
Eirian's Jax Be Nimble  
Eirian's Jemmaican Me Crazy  
V2, BISS, BPISS, BPIG, Am CH, Can GCH Eirian's Joe Cool CGN, HIC  
VSP3, BPISS, BISs, Multi BBPIG, CH Eirian's Jorja On My Mind CGN, HIC  
Eirian's Jump Jive An' Wail  
Eirian's Justan Italian Stallion  
Eirian's Justsome Ragtime Jazz  
K Litter
'Sarah x Jimmy'
V1, CH Eirian's Knock Em Dead Carrabba CGN, HIC, TT  
L Litter
'Zoey x Misha'
Eirian's Living It Up  
Eirian's Lonestar  
M Litter
'Sarah x Jimmy'
Eirian's Man About Town  
Eirians More Thana Pretty Face  
N Litter
'Sophia x Pancho'
Eirian's Natural Magic  
V-Rated, BPIG, CH, GCH Ptd Eirian's No Autographs Please CGN, HIC  
Eirian's Nobel Prize  
V3, Multi BPIS, Multi BPIG, CH Eirian's Norse Thunder God CSAU  
Eirian's Notable Legend  
V4, Multi BPIG, GCH Eirian's Nothing But The Best  
O Litter
'Harper x Aaron'
Eirian's Off Limits  
BISS, '20 WKC AOM, BPIG, Am CH, Mex CH, IberoAM CH, PanAM CH, Intercontinental CH, FCI Int'l CH, Can Select GCH Eirians Oh The Places Youll Go  
Eirian's On The Fly  
Eirian's Once In A Lifetime  
Eirian's One And Only  
Eirian's Ooh Lo La  
Eirians Original Haley's Comet  
P Litter
'Olivia x Bubba'
Eirian's Phresh Off The Runway
BBPIG Eirian's Picture Perfect  
Eirian's Piece Of My Heart  
Q Litter
'Harper x Doc'
Am GCH Eirian's Qapture The Crowd  
CKC Ptd Eirian's Quiet Storm  
R Litter
'Olivia x Falco'
CH Eirians Raiz The'Bar Herrschend CGN, HIC, TKN
NBOSS, Multi BPIS/BPIG, CH Eirians Rar'n To Go Herrschend CGN, RN, TKA  
Eirians Ray Of Light Herrschend  
Eirian Razn Arizona Herrschend CGC  
CH Eirians Ris'n Force Herrschend CGN  
BOSS, BPISS, Am GCH Erians Rumour Mill Herrschend CGCA, TKI, RA  
Eirians Run Amok V Herrschend  
Eirians Ryka Von Herrschend  
S Litter
'Olivia x Pete'
AKC Ptd Eirians See Me Swagger  
Eirian Sent Via Rudez  
Eirians Simply Irresistible  
Multi BPIS, CH Eirian Smok'n Aces At Bali Hai  
Eirians Some Kind Of Wonderful  
CKC Ptd Eirians Star Is Born  
'19 SRK BFPIS, UKC CH Eirians Steel Magnolia Redeyre  
BOSS, Multi BPIG, CH Eirians Straight To The Moon  
T Litter
'Harper x Falco'
Eirians Tag You're It  
Multi BPIG, CH Eirians The Johnny Rotten  
Eirians The Wild One  
Eirians Tormaigh The Valiant  
Eirians Total Transcendence  
Eirians Touch Of Fire  
Eirians Tried and True  
Eirians True Colours  
U Litter
'Harper x Kevan'
Eirians U Aint Seen Noth'n Yet  
Eirians U Had Me At Hello  
CKC Ptd, Multi BBPIG Eirians Under Cover  
Eirians Under The Cherry Moon  
Eirians Undying Love  
Eirians Uptown Girl  
Eirians URock'n Roll V Legion  
Eirians Uttr Kaos At Rugerlane  
V Litter
'Sally x Kevan'
Eirians Vantage Point  
Eirians Va Va Voom  
Eirians Vice President  
Eirians Vice Versa At Trilogy  
Eirians Victory Of The People  
Eirians View From The Top  
Eirians Vision Of Love  
Eirians Vivian Madame LuBeaux  
Eirians Voodoo Child  
Co-Bred Litters
Big Bang Litter
'Scotia x Yumbo'
Co-bred with Kristi Fraser
Akamai's Big Bang At Eirian HIC
Akamai Knockknockknock Eirian
Higher Learning Litter
'Jorja x Bubba'
Co-bred with Mandy Kalli
Sunterra's Beta Kappa V Eirian
BPIG, Multi BBPIG, CH Sunterra's FormalRush V Eirian CA, CGN, HIC
CKC Ptd Sunterra's Ivy League V Eirian CGN, HIC
GCH Ptd, CH Sunterra's Sigma Phi V Eirian CGN
British Invasion Litter
'Scotia x Jimmy'
Co-bred with Kristi Fraser
Akamai A Quick One V Eirian
VV3 Akamai Aladdin Sane of Eirian
Akamai Big Ben of Eirian
Akamai Calista of Eirian
Akamai Double Decker of Eirian SD/S, SD-A/SP
URO1, VV1 Akamai London Calling Eirian CRN, HIC
Akamai Maggie Mae of Eirian
Akamai Quaking Aspen of Eirian
B Litter
'Jorja x Shorty'
Co-bred with Mandy Kalli
Eirian's Bedazzled V Sunterra CGC  
Eirian's Bees Knees V Sunterra  
Eirian's Big Easy V Sunterra  
Eirian Big Thunder V Sunterra  
Eirian's Blueprint V Sunterra  
Eirian Born To Ride V Sunterra  
BBPIG Eirians Bring It On V Sunterra  
Eirians Brownie Pts V Sunterra  
Eirians Bulletproof V Sunterra  
Eirians Bust A Ryme V Sunterra