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November 2018

Results from the Aurora KC Show in Mississauga, ON:

- Kevan wins the Breed at 3 of the 4 all-breed shows as well as a Group 2nd!
- Lina goes BOS at the 4 all-breed shows
- Vivienne makes her show debut and goes WB/BOW for a 4 point major!

Results from the RCC Nat'l Specialty in Conjunction with the Aurora KC Show:

- Lina wins Best of Opposite in Specialty!
- Kevan is awarded Select Dog!
- Eilish is awarded Select Bitch!
- Vivienne is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch!


October 2018

Results from the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty in St. Charles, IL:

- Lina wins her Sweeps class as well as her regular class at the first Specialty!
- Vivienne places 2nd in her regular class at the 2nd Specialty!
- Jack places 2nd in his class at the 2nd Specialty!
- Deeks places 2nd in Sweeps and makes the cut in the Breed ring at the first Specialty!
- Eilish places 3rd in her class at both Specialties!


September 2018

Vivienne and Eilish earn their Herding Instinct Certifications (HIC) at Ewenique Farms...thanks Nat LaBelle for letting the girls come out to play with your sheep!

Ari 'Eirian's Qapture The Crowd' finishes his Am Grand Championship at the Farmington Utah show by winning the Breed. Ari is 16 months old and out of our Doc x Harper litter...congrats to his owners Harvey and Linda Greenwood!

Kevan's OFA Hip and Elbow results are back and he passes with Good Hips and Normal Elbows...yay!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Eilish 'CH Cammcastle's Shooting Star to Eirian!


August 2018

Our Falco x Harper litter are here, welcome wee ones...6 girls and 3 boys!

Our Pete x Olivia babies arrived, 6 girls and 2 boys!

Kevan passess his OFA ECHO with flying colours!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Pancho x Sophia litter!


October 2016

Harper and Olivia earn 2 legs towards their CA title at the Suluki Club of Canada's Chase Ability test at Maple Lane Farm on October 22nd!

The Bubba x Olivia litter now have thier own webpages, feel free to look at these adorable kids under the 'Eirian Puppies' link!

Izzy 'Eirian's Picture Perfect' (Olivia x Bubba) goes Best Baby Puppy in Group at the Wine Country KC show, owner-handled by Carole Cockell. Congratulations Ryan and Carole on your first title!

Grady picks up her final leg in Rally Novice to earn her CRN Title and finishes with an HIC at the CARO trial in AB.

Our Aaron x Harper kids have their own webpages now, click on the 'Eirian Puppies' link and enjoy browsing through the pictures of these beautiful puppies!

Joe makes his US show debut at the Wine Country Circuit and picks up two 4pt majors and a 3pt major by going BOW all 3 days. Congratulations to his owners Frank and Cheryl Carruthers!


September 2016

Thatcher successfully earns his Chase Ability 'CA' title at the BCO CAP trial in Chesterville, ON September 17 and 18, 2016!

Grady picks up the first leg of her Chase Ability 'CA' title at the Foothills Gazehound Club near Calgary AB!

Scotia attends the Rose County CA UKC trials in Edmonton, AB and earns two legs of her UKC CDX title and her UKC Rally Level 2 title with a High in Class in all 5 of her qualifying runs. She was also awarded High in Trial for her open B round, with a score of 193

Grady attends the Rose County CA UKC trials in Edmonton, AB and successfully earns her URO1 title with a 4th in class placement.

Sherri and Trooper are awarded BOS and Select at the Victoria KC show for more points towards their Grand Championship...nice job you two!!!


August 2016

Scotia picks up her first Open leg with a second in class and a score of 196.5 at the ALberta KC trial in Calgary, AB

Scotia gets her last two legs of her Novice team title 'CRNT' and the first two legs of her advanced title at the CARO Rally trial!

Jimmy x Scotia daughter Grady attends her first Rally trial and goes 2 x High in Classes and picks up her first two legs of her Rally Novice title at the CARO trial

Louise Perry and her handsome boy Doc earn their Rally Excellent title with a score of 95 at the Cape Breton KC trial...congratulations!!!

Sada Gagon and her very clever boy Red earn their Scent Detection Dog Advanced Special (SD-A/SP) title with a 1st in interiors and a 2nd overall placement in AB August 27, 2016. Congratulations on a job well done!

Kevan goes Best Baby Puppy in Breed all 3 days at the TIKO show August 18-20, 2016!!!

Sherri and Trooper go Select both days shown for 2 points towards their Grand Championship at the Campbell River Dog Fanciers Society show!!!

Lisa and Jeff Sanborn's lovely girl Theia 'Eirian's Bedazzled V Sunterra' passes her CGC, congratulations!!!


July 2016

Thatcher takes BOB under breeder/judge Mike Jackman to finish his championship. This is our 2nd champion from the Jorja x Bubba litter!!!


Scotia passes her Chase Ability test 'CA' at the Foothills Gazehound Club near Calgary AB!

June 2016

Sherri and Trooper finish their championship at the Nanaimo KC show by going BOB...congratulations Sherri on this great accomplishment!

Sherri and Trooper go BOB both days at the Comox Valley KC show June 11 and 12, 2016 for another 4 points towards their championship...congrats you two on a great weekend!


May 2016

Joe and Riker successfully pass their CGN at the OKC show!

Olivia whelps 3 girls!!!

Sherri and Trooper (Jorja x Bubba) take the Breed (owner/handled) at the Tyee KC show May 7, 2016, in BC for another point towards...congratulations!

Eirian's Bring It On V Sunterra goes BBPIG at the Arnprior KC show May 9, 2016!


April 2016

Grady earns her Herding Instinct Certification 'HIC' April 30, 2106 at the Y-Knot Ranch in Okotoks, AB!!

Sada and Red earn their Scent Detection Started title with a 3rd place...congratulations Sada and Red!!!

Harper whelphs 6 boys and 1 girl, check back for pictures of this beautiful litter!

Olivia x Bubba breeding is confirmed, puppies due May 13, 2016!!!


March 2016

Scotia attends the CARO Rally trial in Calgary AB and earns her Novice Rally title 'CRNMCL' with a 2nd place score of 199, a third place score of 199 and a PERFECT score of 200!

Scotia earns her UCD and URO1 titles with multiple placements and High Aggregate in Rally Novice at the Rose County CA trials held at Spruce Grove, AB!

Harper x Aaron breeding is confirmed, puppies due April 13, 2016!!!

Olivia has been bred to Bubba!


February 2016

Harper has been bred to Aaron 'AM GCH Ostara's Aces Up Your Sleeve'


January 2016

New pictures have been posted on several pages, feel free to browse around...enjoy!!!


December 2015

Jorja whelps 3 girls and 7 boys December 3, 2015!!!


November 2015

Bubba earns his CD in the 3 straight trials with scores of 185.5, 186.5 and 188.5 at the Simcoe Performance Trials in Barrie, ON Nov 21st and 22nd...thank you Kelly for all your hard work getting Bubba ready!!!


October 2015

Scotia 'Eirians Hellava Ride To Akamai' earns her DDX title at the Newfoundland Dog Club Draft Trial in Bragg Creek, AB.

Trooper 'Sunterra's Sigma Phi V Eirian' goes WD, owner-handled by Sherri Lidberg, for 2 points at the Alberni KC show in BC.


September 2015

Bubba passes his BH at the Niagara Hundesport Club trial in Fairlawn, ON, trained and handled by Kelly Mak...thanks Kelly for all your hard work getting Bubba prepared.

Results from the RCC National Sieger Show, Calgary Alberta...
- Scotia 'CH Eirians Hellava Ride To Akamai', V2 - Champion class
- Grady 'Akamai London Calling Eirian' - VV1, 6-9 mos class
- Gadget 'Akamai Aladdin Sane of Eirian' - VV3, 6-9 mos class

Scotia picks up her last CDI leg with a score of 190.5 to earn her Novice Intermediate title with a high in class!

Harper passes her OFA Dentition test, number to be posted shortly.

Harper and Olivia are tested for the DNA Long Coat gene and both are clear, numbers have been posted on their webpages.

Scotia passes her TT (Temperament Test) at the Chinook Schutzhund Club of Alberta


August 2015

Alasdair is awarded two Group 4's at the Temiskaming Kennel Club show August 11th and 12th.

Alasdair finishes his Championship at the Grey Bruce KC show, going Best of Breed.

Olivia passes her OFA Hips, Elbows and Dentition tests, numbers have been posted on her webpage.

Riker 'Sunterra's Ivy League V Eirian HIC' makes her show debut at SD&G at goes WB for her first set of points!


July 2015

Olivia goes Select all three days at the Kars show

Thatcher goes WD both days at the Kars show for 2 more points

Scotia picks up her last two legs of her RE with scores of 84 and 92 to earn her Rally Excellent title!!!

Scotia picks up the first two legs towards her Novice Intermediate title with a 192.5 and a 195.5!!!


June 2015

Trooper 'Sunterra's Sigma Phi V Eirian' makes his show debut at the Comox Valley KC show and goes BOB, owner-handled by Sherri Lidberg earning his first 2 points. He also passes his CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) at the same show!!!

Olivia passes her OFA Cardiac and Eye tests, numbers have been posted on her webpage

Results from the RKNA CORK Sieger show...
- Olivia 'CH Eirian's No Autographs Please' - V Rated, Champion class
- Joey 'GCH Eirian's Joe Cool' - V Rated, Champion class
- Misha 'GCH Eirian's Force 2B Reckoned With' passes his ZtP


May 2015

Olivia goes Breed all three days at the OKC show and picks up a Group 2nd and 3rd. She also passes her CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test!!!

Thatcher 'Sunterra's FormalRush V Eirian' goes Best Puppy in Group at the OKC show!

Scotia earns one more RE leg with a third in class and a score of 91 at the CKOC show in Cochrane, AB

Results from the RKNA URKO Sieger show...
- Alasdair 'CKC Ptd Eirians Knock Em Dead Carrabba' - V1, Open class
- Harper 'GCH Eirian's Nothing But The Best' - V4, Champion class
- Joey 'GCH Eirian's Joe Cool' - V2, Champion class

The following dogs earned their HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate) at the ORC Herding Clinic at Ewenique Farms...

Olivia 'Eirian's No Autographs Please'
Thatcher 'Sunterra's FormalRush V Eirian'
Riker 'Sunterra's Ivy League V Eirian'
Jake 'Akamai's Big Bang At Eirian


April 2015

Thatcher attends the Champlain KC Show and picks up his first 2 points going WD/BOS/BPIB Saturday and BOW/BOS/BPIB Sunday


March 2015

New pictures have been posted, feel free to browse dogs webpages


February 2015

Thatcher 'Sunterra's FormalRush V Eirian' attends the TIKO Fun Match and is awarded Breed!


January 2015

Jorja 'VSP3, BPISS, BISs, Multi BBPIG, CH Eirian's Jorja On My Mind CGN, HIC' will be bred to Shorty 'CH Streetboss von der Alten Welt'. This breeding is co-bred with Sunterra Rottweilers; see our Breedings page for more details.


December 2014

Scotia whelps 4 boys and 4 girls December 27th sired by Jimmy; welcome to the world little ones!


November 2014

Thatcher 'Sunterra's FormalRush V Eirian' picks up two Best Baby Puppy in Groups at the OKC show!

Scotia is confirmed pregnant with Jimmy babies, litter is due end of December, details can be found on our Breedings page.


October 2014

Congratulations to Doc 'CFC CH Steinplatz Knight OF Valor' on earning his Rally Advanced title in Truro, NS, owner-handled by Louise Perry. Doc is out of Senza 'CH Steinplatz Ignite My Fire' and Jimmy 'CH Hanbar Hendrix', bred by Ruth Hartmann.


Thor attends the Canadian French Ring Sport Association Championship trials in London, ON and successfully passes his CSAU (Certificat de Sociabilité et d'Aptitude à l'Utilisation). Congratulations to Paul and Tanya for all their hard work and training with Thor...this is our first offspring to obtain this title, way to go guys!!!

Bubba attends the Wine Country circuit in Romulous, NY and finishes his American Championship with 3 majors by going WD Thursday and WD/BOW both Friday and Saturday. We are very proud to say that Bubba finished in just 2 weekends with 5 majors, taking 2-Winners Dog and 4-Best of Winners!!

Special thanks to Graeme Burdon for finishing Bubba and Emily Burdon for starting him.

Alasdair attends the Burlingston KC show and goes RWD both days shown!


September 2014

Scotia picks up her final leg to earn her CD at the CKOC trial in Alberta Sept. 13th with a score of 190 and High in Class. The next she followed this up with a 196.5 and another High in Class after a run off plus picked up her first leg towards her Rally Excellent title with a score of 96 and 3rd place. This is Kristi and Scotia's 4th title this year...congratulations ladies on an excellent weekend!

RCC National Sieger show results:

- Thor 'CH Eirian's Norse Thunder God', V3 - 12-18 mos class
- Joey 'GCH Eirian's Joe Cool', V3 - CH class
- Misha 'GCH Eirians Force 2B Reckoned With, V1 - CH class

Congratulations to owners Tanya Wood and Paul Pratt, Kim Pritchard and Kelly Mak on your successes this weekend!


August 2014

Harper attends the Manitoba Canine Association show and goes 2xBOS and BOB to finish her GCH. Harper is the youngest female Rottweiler in Breed History to complete her Grand Championship in Canada and this was accomplished in just 3 weekends of showing!!!

Harper attends the Edmonton KC show and picks up 8 more GCH points by going BOS and 2xSelect.

AKC show results from Spruce Meadows...

Harpers first time out as a Special and she is awarded Select/BPIB for 4 GCH points and Scotia picks up her first RN leg with a score of 95 on Friday.

Harper goes Select/BPIB again for 5 GCH points and Scotia earns her second RA leg with a score of 92 on Saturday.

Scotia finishes her Championship (earning all of her points owner-handled) taking WB/BOW at the All-Breed show then is awarded RWB at the RCC Specialty later that day plus picks up third RA leg with a score of 97 and High in Class to earn her Rally Advance title on Sunday.

Scotia picks up her second CD leg with a score of 190 and High in Class on Monday.

Congratulations to Kristi Fraser.


July 2014

Sophia has been bred to Bubba, puppies due end of September...please visit our 'Breedings' page for more details on this litter.

Limestone show results in Kingston...

Joey takes the Breed and a Group 4th Friday and Select both Saturday and Sunday.

Olivia's first time out as a Special goes BOS Friday, BOB/BPIB both Saturday and Sunday for her first set of points towards her Grand Championship.

Thor goes Select Friday and BOS both Saturday and Sunday for his first set of points towards his Grand Championship.

Alasdair shows Friday and Saturday and is awarded RWD both days.

Congratulations to Tanya, Paul and Kim successful weeekend! A huge thank you to Emily Burdon for her expert handling of Olivia this week!

Olivia attends the Valley KC Show and goes WB/BOS Monday show #1, WB/BOB/BPIB Monday show #2, Tuesday and Wednesday to finish her Championship. Thor shows Monday only and goes WD/BOB/BPIG at show #1 and WD/BOS at show #2.

Harper and Alasdair attend the Association Canine Charlevoisienne show, Harper is awarded WB/BOS both Saturday and Sunday to finish her Championship. Alasdair takes the Breed on Sunday for his first set of points!!!

Harper attends the Association Canine de la Mauricie show and is awarded WB/BOW.

Thor shows at Chateauguy Valley KC show and takes the Breed at both shows Friday, Opposite/Select on Saturday and Breed again on Sunday.


June 2014

Thor and Joey attend the Kingston show, Joey takes breed all 3 days and Thor goes Select/BPIB at all 3 shows!

Harper and Thor attend the St. Francis KC show, Harper goes WB/BOS at all 5 shows and Thor goes WD/BOW/BOB/BPIB at all 5 shows plus picks up a Group 3rd a Group 4th, 2 BPIG and 2 BPIS to finish his Championship!!!


May 2014

Olivia and Thor and Joey attend the OKC show, Olivia shows Friday taking WB/BOW and Sunday WB/BOW/BOB/BPIB/BPIG. Thor is awarded WD all three days and Joey shows Friday taking Select and to finish his Grand Championship!!! Jimmy x Disco daughter Zoe (Sunkozi's Dancin' With Bali Hai) shows Friday and Saturday to take the Breed and makes the cut in Group.

Misha attends the K-W Kennel Club Rally trials and picks up his final leg with a perfect score of 100 and a High in Class to attain his Rally Novice title and his first leg towards his Rally Advanced with a score of 87. Misha also showed in the Conformation ring and goes Select at both shows...Congratulations Kelly and Misha on a fantastic day and well done on earning another new title!!!

Thor and Harper attend the Hochelega show and Thor goes WD/BOW/BOB Saturday and Monday and WD/BOS Sunday, Harper goes WB/BOW/BOB Saturday and WB/BOS Saturday and Monday. Congratulation Paul on Tanya on a great weeekend and thanks to Graeme Burdon for doing an excellent job handling Thor!

Jorja is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound, puppies are due June 21st!

Scotia attends the CKOC Rally trials, just 8 weeks post whelp and earns a 98, 94 and a perfect score of 100 with a High in Class for her 3 legs and a new Rally Novice title. Congratulations Kristi and Scotia on a fantastic run!!!

Baby Leonard, Akamai's Big Bang at Eirian arrives from Calgary...thank you to Kristi Fraser for this lovely little guy!

Harper goes WB/BOS all 3 days and picks up another Best Puppy in Group at the Iberville show, beautifully shown by Emily Burdon!


April 2014

Olivia attends the ARC Nationals and takes 3rd in a large 6-9 month class and places VP2 at the Sieger show with an excellent critique. Thank you to Pancho's co-breeder/owner Daviann Mitchell of Nighthawk Rottweilers for doing an excellent job showing Olivia at the Specialty.

Harper is awarded WB/BOW both days shown as well as BPIG, expertly handled by Emily Burdon, and brother Thor, who was owner-handled by Tanya, is awarded WD/BOS both days for their first set of points at the Champlain Dog Club show!


March 2014

Bubba makes his US show debut in Syracuse and picks up both majors by going BOW both Friday and Saturday and WD Sunday for a total of 8 pts. A very big thank you to Emily Burdon who always does such an amazing job making our dogs look fantastic!

Scotia whelps 1 boy and 1 girl...congratulations to Kristi Fraser on these beautiful babies!


February 2014

Olivia makes her official show debut at the Ontario Breeders Association in Lindsay, ON and from the Jr. Puppy class is awarded Best of Breed, Best Puppy under Breeder/Judge Ann Felske Jackman on Saturday, Reserve, Best Puppy under Michel Chaloux on Sunday and Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite, Best Puppy under Walter Pinsker on Monday. Thanks go out to Emily Burdon for doing such an amazing job with Olivia!

Scotia is confirmed pregnant, litter due March, 2014

Misha picks up his first 2 legs towards his RN title at the Ancaster Trial with a score of 86 and 96...congratulaltions Kelly and Misha on a job well done!

Harper attends her first Sanction Match and is awarded Best of Breed and Group 2!


January 2014

Jorja passes her remaining OFA health tests, numbers have been posted on the Girls page along with her CHIC number...congratulations Mandy on your healthy girl!

Scotia 'Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai' has been bred to 'Yumbo vd Alten Festung'...visit our Breedings page for more information on this exciting breeding.

December 2013

RCC National Specialty results:
- Jimmy daughter Sunkozi Dancin' with Bali Hai is awarded Select
- Jimmy son Braxenburg Highway to Hell is awarded WD to finish his Championship
- Joey is awarded Best Canadian Bred


November 2013

Joey attends Caledon's Breeders Classic and picks up a Group 3 Friday, Group 4 Saturday and Select on Sunday. Misha attends the same show and goes Group 4 on Sunday.

Bubba attends the OKC show and is awarded Select both days entered.

Bubba's passes his OFA hips with an 'Good' rating and OFA elbows are Normal. Numbers have been posted on the Boys page along with his CHIC number!


October 2013

Joey attends the Belleville KC show and is awarded Select both Friday and Saturday.

All the puppies have left to their new homes, we would like to welcome...The Pratts, Mossmans and Lutz famlies


September 2013

New pictures of our puppies have been posted, click here to see these beauties!


August 2013

Sophia whelps 4 boys and 2 girls


July 2013

Sophia is confirmed pregnant!

Misha is the new face of Presidents Choice dog food


June 2013

Joey goes Select at the Kingston show and picks up his first 3 points towards his Grand Championship

Misha competes at the RKNA show in Welland, ON and takes V1 in the Champion class then goes on to win Sieger. Congratulations to Kelly Mak on this very prestigious win with her lovely boy.


May 2013

At the NACA show in Alberta Scotia earns her Draft Dog title and is the first tailed Rottweiler in Canada to acheive a DD. Congratulations to Kristi Fraser for all her hard work and training!!!

Results from the OKC show...

Bubba goes WD/BOW both Friday and Saturday for 6 points to finish his Championship. Then Sunday as a Special goes Select for 2 points towards his Grand Championship. Thanks go out to Emily Burdon who did an outstanding job finishing Bubba in jus 4 days!

Jorja goes WB/BOS Friday and WB Saturday for a total of 4 points to finish her Championship. Sunday Jorja makes her Specials debut and goes BOS and picks up 2 points towards her Grand Championship plus passes her Canine Good Neighbour test!!! Thanks to Edgar Rojas for doing such a fantastic job showing Jorja to these wins and congratulations to Mandy Kalli on her new Champion and CGN titles!

Alasdair passes his Canine Good Neighbour test on Sunday!


April 2013

Results from the RCC 2 day Booster...

Jorja goes WB/BOS for 3 points on Saturday and Reserve on Sunday

Bubba goes WD/BOW for 4 points on Saturday and Reserve on Sunday

Misha goes Breed and makes the cut in group both days shown

A big Thank You to Emily Burdon and Edgar Rojas for their excellent handling of our crew and making them shine!


March 2013

We have two very exciting breedings planned for this year...

Sophia 'VP2, '10 RCC Nat'l BOSS, BPIS, Multi BPIG, UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH, Select 1 Can CH Eirian's Flawless Beauty CGN, HIC' will be bred to Pancho 'Multi BBIS, BOSS, AOM, '13 Westminster Select, GCHNighthawk's Livin' La Vida Loca'

Scotia 'CKC Ptd Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai CGN, DD, HIC' will be bred to Multi V1, Multi Sieger, CH Yumbo vd Alten Festung BH, IPO1, ZtP'

Please visit our Breedings page for further details.

Jorja passes her OFA Cardiac test, number to be posted shortly.

Bubba and Joey both pass their OFA Eye tests at the OKC Eye clinic, numbers to be posted shortly.


February 2013

Scotia passes her OFA hips with an 'Excellent' rating and OFA elbows are Normal. Numbers have been posted on the Girls page...CHIC number coming soon!

Misha takes breed at the Wildwood show in Woodstock, ON. Congratulations to Kelly and thanks to Emily Burdon on her expert handling.


January 2013

Scotia earns her Canine Good Neighbour certificate at the Alberta Kennel club show, congratulations Kristi!

Our Zoe x Misha puppies have all gone to their new homes. I would like to welcome the Vaneyk and Hallam families as our newest members to the Eirian Rottweiler crew!