Each of the girls listed below are either working towards various titles, have been retired or are our family companions. Feel free to click on each of their photos to view their information and Pedigree.

CKC Ptd, Multi BBPIG Eirian's Under Cover (MacKenzie)
owned by Michelle Sarabia, Elizabeth Greenman and Johnna Glover

BOSS, Multi BPIG, CH Eirians Straight To The Moon (Alice)

CH Eirians Raiz Th'Bar Herrschend CGN, HIC (Vivienne)
owned by Johnna Glover, Carole Cockell and Emily Burdon

OFA Hips Good - RO-78945G28F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL12970F28-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA8577/31F/P-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE2615/21F-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-EYE2615/21F-VPI
OFA JLPP Clear - RO-LPP3510/28F-PI
CHIC - Number will be posted shortly

CKC Ptd Eirian's Quiet Storm (Sally)
owned by Johnna Glover and Franz Oppacher

OFA Hips Excellent - RO-78430E25F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL12612F25-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-ACA849/26F-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE2614/26F-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE1895/26F
OFA JLPP Clear - RO-LPP3501/27F-PI
CHIC #146483

Select CH Cammcastle's Shooting Star To Eirian CGN, HIC, TKN (Eilish)
owned by Johnna Glover and Suzan Guynn

V-Rated, BPIG, CH, GCH Ptd Eirian's No Autograph's Please CGN, HIC (Olivia)
OFA Hips Good - RO-75248G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL10474F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA6902/22F/C-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE996/22F-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE912/24F
Long Coat DNA Clear - 103718
CHIC #108202

V4, Multi BPIG, GCH Eirian's Nothing But The Best (Harper)
OFA Hips Good - RO-75386G26F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL10556F26-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA6400/13F/C-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE623/13F-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE940/26F-VPI
Long Coat DNA Clear - 103719
CHIC #109306

VSP3, BPISS, BISs, Multi BBPIG, CH Eirian's Jorja On My Mind CGN, HIC (Jorja)
OFA Hips Fair - RO-73905F24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL9571F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA5973/14F/C-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE275/22F-VPI
CHIC #95305
owned by Mandy Kalli and Johnna Glover

UCD, URO2, V2, CH Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai CA, CDI, CGN, CRNT, CRNMCL, HIC, RE, DDX, TT (Scotia)
OFA Hips Excellent - RO-73208E24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL9097F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA5299/15F/C-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - R0-DE2/10F-VPI
OFA DNA Data Bank - R0-DNA-153/S
CERF Clear - RO-360270
CHIC #87508
owned by Kristi Fraser and Johnna Glover

Our Retired Girls

VP2 '10 RCC Nat'l BOSS, BPIS, BPIG, UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH, Select 1 CH Eirian's Flawless Beauty CGN, HIC (Sophia)
OFA Hips Good - RO-71906G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL8307F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA4874/21F/C-VPI
CERF Clear - RO-355496
CHIC #74377

Multi V1, '07 USRC Select Female, '07 RCC Siegerin & Most Beautiful in Show, '06 ADRK KS V-Rated, Yug CH Sara of Nicola's Lion 3xCAC (Sara)
HD A, ED -1
OFA Cardiac Normal - Number to be posted shortly
OFA Dentition Full - Number to be posted shortly
CERF Clear - Number to be posted shortly
AKC DNA #V530589

Multi V1, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Eirian's Creative Energy HIC, TT (Brava)
OFA Hips Good - RO-69477G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL6876F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA3556/20F/C-VPI
CERF Clear - RO-6266
CHIC #53687

Multi V1, '08 RCC Nat'l BPISS/BTISS, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Gabriele v.h. Falconsnest (Gabi)
OFA Hips - Moderate Hip Dysplasia
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL8299F27-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA4070/18F/C-PI
CERF Clear - RO-7014

CH Kaynoble's Twist N Shout TT (Annie)
OFA Hips Good - RO-694933G30F-PI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL4773F30-PI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA2461/54F/C-PI