Each of the boys listed below are either working towards various titles, have been retired or are our family companions. Feel free to click on each of their photos to view their information and Pedigree.

BISS, '20 WKC AOM, BPIG, Am CH, Mex CH, IberoAM CH, PanAM CH, Intercontinental CH, FCI Int'l CH, Can Select GCH Eirians Oh The Places Youll Go (Kevan)
owned by Johnna Glover, Emily Burdon and Chris Giroux
OFA Hips Good - RO-77680G28M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL12085M28-VPI
OFA Cardiac ECHO Normal - RO-ACA501/27M-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE2058/25M-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE1624/28M-VPI
Long Coat DNA Clear
CHIC #133473

Am/Can CH, Can GCH Ptd Eirian's In It To Win It BH, CD, CGN, HIC (Bubba)
OFA Hips Good - RO-73745G26M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL9466M26-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA6101/24M/C-VPI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE387/19M-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE203/12M-PI
CHIC #96040

V3, BISS, BPISS, BPIG, Am CH/Can GCH Eirian's Joe Cool CGN, HIC (Joe)
OFA Hips Fair - RO-74424F30M-PI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL993730M-PI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA5966/21M/C-PI
OFA Eyes Normal - RO-EYE199/14M-PI
OFA JLPP Normal/Clear - RO-LPP215/60M-PI
CHIC #100440
owned by Johnna Glover, Frank Carruthers and Cheryl Carruthers

Our Retired Boys

Multi V1, '08 RCC Nat'l BISs, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Hanbar Hendrix HIC (Jimmy)
OFA Hips Good - RO-70429G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - Right Normal/Left DJD1
OVC Hips/Elbows Normal #0041735
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA4072/20M/C-VPI
CERF Clear - RO-7015
CHIC #62560

Multi V1, '13 RKNA Sieger, '10 RCC Youth Sieger, '10 RCC Nat'l BOSs, UCI Nat'l/Int'l JrCH, Can GCH Eirians Force 2B Reckoned With AD, BH, CD, CGN, HIC, RN, TT (Misha)
OFA Hips Excellent - RO-71673E24M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal - RO-EL8151M24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA4872/21M/C-VPI-ECHO
CERF - RO-355589
OFA Patella Normal - RO-PA554/56M/P-VPI
OFA Dentition Full - RO-DE531/56M-VPI
CHIC #96038
owned by Kelly Mak

Multi V1, Multi Group 1st, AOM, Am Major Ptd, CFC CH, UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH, Can CH Kaynoble's Noble Heritage 7xCACS, CGN, HIC, TT (Bowen)
OFA Hips Good - R0-66214G24M-PI
OFA Elbows Normal - R0-EL5312M24-PI
OFA Cardiac Normal - R0-CA2464
CERF Clear - R0-5799
CHIC #35407

SG1, CH Kayla's The Paladin Kaynoble CGN, TT (Mason)
OFA Hips Good - RO-63188G29M-PI
Eyes Clear